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Black & White

We love these black and white wedding invitations. We specifically adore how the white lettering pops against the black paper. This bride chose to add vintage stamps and a floral insert inside the envelope for a beautiful contrast of color.

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brush lettered wedding envelopes
Photo: meagadams

Brush Letters

Using watercolors for your invitations is elegant and modern. If you feel comfortable with using your own handwriting, this would be a great DIY project. This bride chose gold paint to write addresses on light pink envelopes for a delicate look.

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This bride chose to have her invites complete with black ink on mauve envelopes. Her calligrapher went with over-sized font for the names while using smaller print for the addresses -- a unique contrast. She also chose vintage stamps to finish the piece.

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tattered envelop and wax seal hand lettered wedding envelopes
Photo: Saints Ignora

French Romance

These French-inspired wedding invitations are romantic and perfect for the vintage wedding. This bride used envelopes with tattered edges, antique stamps and a gold wax seal.

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Watercolor details are one of the biggest trends in weddings, so why not incorporate the look with your invites? This bride inverted the watercolor scheme with complimentary pinks, reds and purples.

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Kraft Paper

We are obsessed with these invites. The bride chose kraft paper for her envelopes and penned guests' addresses in white ink. Her invites also include gold glitter, and what's not to love about that?

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vellum hand written wedding invites
Photo: Tamara Gigola Photography; Calligraphy by Oksana Mike

Vellum Invites

You can see right through this invite with a vellum envelope. The bride used paper with rough edges and a white wax seal for a look that is unique and elegant. With a detail like this, guests will be impressed with your eclectic choice in wedding invitations.

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black hand written wedding invitations
Photo: EKLettering

Plain & Simple

Write out your wedding invitations on a plain white envelope with black lettering for a simple, yet timeless, look. Oversize the font to accentuate the beautiful hand lettering--the most important part.

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Navy & Gold

Write your invitations in gold ink paired with a dark navy envelope for a look that is contemporary and charming. Finish the invite with a gold seal.

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Rustic Invites

Have your calligrapher create envelopes with pretty floral and wood inspired designs like these for your rustic nuptials. Let them design the inside of your envelope as well as the outside.