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Candles & Greenery

We chose this simple look first on our list of wedding decor ideas. This backdrop is both eclectic and modern. We love how the bride chose greenery as the focal point of the altar and added gold candlesticks to contrast. The colors and arrangement of decor give this altar a dreamy, yet earthy, vibe.

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Vintage Door

Perfect for your "something old." Use an antique door frame for your altar. Let the tarnish and distress shine through with this vintage piece of decor for a look that is both unique and eye-catching. Adorn the top of the frame with your wedding flowers and lush shades of greenery to finish.

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Birch, Please

A dreamy look for a rustic wedding. This bride chose birch logs, candlelit mason jars and floral arrangements including garden roses and hydrangeas to decorate the stairs leading up to the altar. This collaboration of decor is stunning and elegant.

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Be Our Guest

We are obsessed with the set up of this wedding. Place your chairs to circle around you and your honey for the nuptials so everyone has a great seat with a different view. The bride chose to have floral arrangements all around them for the ceremony. She also placed a small table in the center to light their unity candles and added twinkle lights.

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Fireplace Romance

Why not use an unconventional object, like a fireplace mantle, for your altar? Keep the mantle looking rugged like this bride chose, or refurbish it with a color to match your wedding palette. Decorate with pretty florals and candle lights to complete the look.

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Pretty Paper

This bride chose oversized paper flowers to decorate her wedding altar. Use shades that match your color palette and find different cuts to create different types of flowers.

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Hexagon Lanterns

Build the perfect arbor by pairing hydrangeas and succulents with hanging hexagonal lanterns. This eye-catching piece of decor looks amazing for a modern themed wedding.

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Religious Wooden Altar

Use wood to create a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony, then adorn it with lush greenery and pretty florals to create a feel that is both whimsical and meaningful.

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Hanging Decor

For an outdoor wedding, try hanging your decor! String mason jars with tealight candles inside. This bride also used some jars filled with beautiful wildflowers and added depth to the hanging pieces by adding a cool lantern to the mix.

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Macrame Altar

This one's perfect for the bohemian bride. Use a hoop strung with macrame. We love how the bride decorated the gold loop with green ferns and contrasting pinks and burgundy flowers. Add the final touch with a side table, candles, and more flower arrangements.